'It’s finally time to let loose and have some dance fun house-party style with a bit of ‘anything goes’. From soul, reggae, house, balearic, boogie to hip house, afro, disco and funk.

… Let’s get that long awaited party started!

See you there 

Toby T’'


He fell in love with dance music at the turn of the nineties -  driving in convoy to warehouses, fields, seedy basements and sports centres around London with one goal: to dance all night. This laid the DNA for things to come- diving into the wider world of all things Techno, Breakbeat , house and Rave . In his early teens recording Kiss FM shows by the likes of Colin Dale, Steve Jackson, Paul Trouble, Fabio & Grooverider and Colin Faver was a ritual, the latter playing his first demo on his show as far back as 1992. Add into the mix listening to a DJ Sasha cassette in Spain under the sun for 3 months and the apprenticeship was over .  DJIng quickly followed stemmed by visits to Basement Records in Reading –along with  2 best friends who with them were all part of POD soundsystem .( Power of Dance ) .This sound system found it self  and them at many free partys around the South west and West Country including hosting an allnighter on the outskirts of Glastonbury festival 1993.

Since then, Toby has recorded for a slew of labels including ESP institute , Future Boogie , Rekids and Delusions of Grandeur –  releasing 2 artist albums and turning out quite an array  of remixes , as well as being remixed himself by to name a few – MCDE , Tensnake , Bicep and I:cube .

His musical output be it production or Djing – ranges  from dreamy dubby affairs to deep house and trancey breakbeats  hypnotically mixing from a vast knowledge of music and bringing a versatile selection to the world’s best venues.

He’s also managed 3 different labels in the past years, London Housing Trust, Tracky Bottoms and Late Night Audio – if you don’t know these labels already .. better get to know ☺


Today, he’s a part of the Phonica Records family with whom he holds a monthly residency in Soho , theers  a book just out - in collaboration with Klasse Wrecks- about his collection of flyers from those early years – and  keep an eye out for a new label and new album both very much in the works and not a miilion galaxies away .