25th April | Games Night

27th April | Stand Up Club

28th April | Screen Rats


A new way to experience art.

More and more we see art taken out of galleries and museums.  We want to pioneer this shift making art more accessible.  Our outdoor tent projections were born as a response to the lockdown, but they are now an inherent part of our brand’s DNA.

This winter we will focus on works that celebrate collaborations across different disciplines. Think fine art, fashion, dance, design, wellbeing meets animation and digital.

Paxton's new art programme is launched with a collaboration between the artist's Anna Sudbina and Phil Dobson

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Anna Sudbina

Instagram @annasudbinastudio

Phil Dobson

Instagram @phildobsonartist

It springs from the idea that painting, usually viewed, perhaps in a gallery or collection, as a fait accompli, a definitive statement, conclusive, is actually something which has been developed over a period of time, a process of countless decisions, the application of successive layers, which though contained within the 4 sides of the canvas represents an infinitude of possibilities, which even when apparently finished can be subject to many interpretations, and in this sense can have a future independent from that process. Phil has in the past addressed this apparent contradiction by digitally animating his paintings and projecting the apparently moving image. With this collaboration, he applies the process to the work of Anna whose very different approach gives rise to a surface quality possessing more texture and painterly modulation in tone and colour with a sensibility providing an interesting counterpoint to the digital manipulation.